General Resources

Preservation Metadata Schema

  • National Library of New Zealand (PDF:260K/42pp.)
    National Library of New Zealand's description of the data elements needed to support the preservation of digital objects.

Object-Specific Metadata Initiatives

The following resources describe initiatives developing technical metadata for specific types of digital objects:

  • Library of Congress Digital Audio-Visual Prototyping Project
    Explores aspects of digital preservation for audio and video, including metadata and repository systems design.
  • NISO Committee: Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images
    This initiative is aimed at defining metadata to describe the capture process and technical characteristics of digital still images for the purpose of short- and long-term management in a digital collection.
  • IEEE: Learning Object Metadata Working Group
    This initiative is developing a standard for a conceptual scheme that defines the structure of a metadata instance for a learning object. The metadata instance describes relevant characteristics of the learning object to which it applies; these characteristics can be grouped into general, educational, technical, and classification categories.

Updated: 20 May 2005

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