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Contract Cataloging

Multiple levels of service, from copy cataloging to record creation, to physical processing

OCLC Contract Cataloging services help solve your cataloging challenges. We have solutions for every library, whether you need help with new acquisitions, ongoing cataloging support, or handling of special formats.

If it's not in your online catalog, it may as well be invisible…

There is truth to the adage, “If a user can’t find it, the item isn”t really there.” The fact is, if items are missing from your online catalog, they're all but invisible to your users. And that means a diminished return on the investments made in your collection. Our solutions help you control costs and take full advantage of materials you own.

Some top cataloging challenges

Libraries everywhere face cataloging challenges—do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? If they do, we can help you with our customized solutions.

  1. You don’t have time to catalog your new titles, and you want them cataloged and available to patrons more quickly.
  2. Some of your cataloging projects require language expertise that your staff just doesn't have.
  3. You’ve received several valuable gift collections but don’t have the time to catalog them.
  4. The demand for DVDs and CDs is draining your cataloging resources.
  5. You have valuable collections collecting dust because no one has time to catalog them.

Top catalogers to meet those challenges

Most OCLC Contract Cataloging staff are professional librarians, and many of them hold other, subject-related, degrees in addition to their MLS degree. We supplement our professional cataloging staff with a team of highly trained paraprofessional catalogers, all of whom received their training from professional librarians. The average length of employment is approximately 10 years, with a number of staff having been here for more than 20 years. Most of our professional staff worked in libraries before coming to OCLC.