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Before ordering, let us learn more about your needs and challenges.

We’ll need to know:

  • the type and format of materials you need cataloged,
  • languages to be included in the project,
  • anticipated percentages of original and copy cataloging, and
  • the amount and type of editing and local data to be added to records.

We will then design a solution for you and determine a price. Prices are quoted on a per-item-cataloged basis.

To help us do this, please complete and submit the request for cost proposal form.

In Canada, please complete and submit the LTS Project Planning Guide.

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  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

    O: +31 (0)71-524 65 00

  • United Kingdom

    O: +44 (0)114 267 7500

  • United States

    T: 1-800-848-5878 (toll free in North America)

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OCLC Contract Cataloging services offer expert assistance to tackle your difficult cataloging projects, including those requiring specialized format-specific skills and language proficiencies. Our skilled, professional catalogers can meet your high standards and help get your items into the hands of users quickly.

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