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OCLC offers hosted and stand-alone EZproxy. Not sure which service is right for you? Complete this questionnaire to get a recommendation based on your library's needs. You can also review our Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering EZproxy

  1. Complete and submit an EZproxy Quote Request form. (This request form includes options for EZproxy hosted and stand-alone quotes.)
  2. Complete and submit an Order form:


To use EZproxy, you must have the EZproxy software and a license key. You can download the software using the links below. A trial license key is available for a 30-day, no-charge trial period. Submit the EZproxy Trial Request form to request a trial license key. To receive a production license key, order EZproxy as explained above.  

NOTE: An OCLC WebService Key (WSKey) is required to run EZproxy 6.0. If you purchased an annual subscription after July 2013, and that subscription is current, you can request a WSKey now. If you purchased a license prior to July 2013, you will need to update to the new annual subscription model. To do this, you can request a quote above, and you will be provided with a quote and information about how to subscribe. 

If you already have a current EZproxy subscription, but do not yet have a WSKey, please follow these instructions.  

If you are uncertain if your subscription is current, please email

Platform Instructions Download Version 6.2.2
Linux Install or Update ezproxy-linux.bin
Solaris 10 (x86) Install or Update ezproxy-solaris.bin
Windows Install or Update ezproxy-windows.exe

Which Version of EZproxy is on my Server? explains how to determine which version of EZproxy is currently installed on your server.