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Unlock the power of your e-resources

EZproxy Analytics collects, enhances, and visualizes usage data about licensed e-resources so you get up-to-date, actionable insights. It provides authoritative usage data that can supplement COUNTER reports, and its powerful data exploration and visualization tools make it easier to curate e-resources and prove their value.

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Navigate e-resource investment decisions more confidently

See who's using e-resources

Are students or faculty using a particular journal, and how are they using it? EZproxy Analytics can answer these questions by capturing usage insights by patron type, cohort, department, or another custom group that makes sense for your library.

Demonstrate your value

You're constantly being asked to justify your budget. With EZproxy Analytics, you can create compelling charts, graphs, and other visualizations that show how your collection contributes to valuable research and academic curriculum.

Enhance e-resource discovery

Sometimes e-resources aren't surfaced at the point of need or offered in the preferred format. EZproxy Analytics can show you what websites users access your e-resources from and in what formats so you can make them more discoverable.


Stretch your budget farther

Evaluating which e-resources to renew, cancel, or acquire is a monumental task. EZproxy Analytics collects data at the point of authentication so you get insights that can supplement COUNTER reports and better inform purchasing decisions.

Spend less time proving impact

Analyzing usage data can be overwhelming with multiple spreadsheets that quickly become out-of-date. EZproxy Analytics loads the latest usage data so you can quickly and easily explore and visualize your impact in a single user interface.

Abide by your policies

You need evidence that both justifies your purchasing decisions and abides by your privacy policy. EZproxy Analytics puts you in control of how e-resource data is collected and offers customizable privacy features to support your needs.



Create learning environments that foster student success

Using e-resource data to help make key user experience and purchasing decisions is critical to the library’s role in creating learning environments that reinforce student success.

Find out how the University of Manchester used EZproxy Analytics to gain actionable insights to help manage the largest academic digital collection in the UK.

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"We are excited about EZproxy Analytics because it captures and visualizes usage by group and department. These insights are what we need to make better purchasing decisions, so moving to EZproxy Analytics seemed natural."

Lynne Edgar
Associate Librarian, Texas Tech University

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EZproxy allows your library to deliver e-content to users simply and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-on to e-content using your institution’s preferred authentication method, such as SAML or LDAP, while protecting user privacy and keeping usage data under library control.

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