Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval: Creating Knowledge through Research Synergies

by: Judit Bar-Ilan, Marcus John, Rob Koopman, Shenghui Wang, Philipp Mayr, Andrea Scharnhorst, and Dietmar Wolfram

This panel brings together experts in bibliometrics and information retrieval to discuss how each of these two important areas of information science can help to inform the research of the other. There is a growing body of literature that capitalizes on the synergies created by combining methodological approaches of each to solve research problems and practical issues related to how information is created, stored, organized, retrieved and used. The session will begin with an overview of the common threads that exist between IR and metrics, followed by a summary of findings from the BIR workshops and examples of research projects that combine aspects of each area to benefit IR or metrics research areas, including search results ranking, semantic indexing and visualization. The panel will conclude with an engaging discussion with the audience to identify future areas of research and collaboration.

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Bar-Ilan, J., John, M., Koopman, R., Wang, S., Mayr, P., Scharnhorst, A. and Wolfram, D. (2016), Bibliometrics and information retrieval: Creating knowledge through research synergies. Proc. Assoc. Info. Sci. Tech., 53: 1–4.