Describing Theses and Dissertations Using

by: Jeffrey K. Mixter, Patrick O'Brien, and Kenning Arlitsch

This report discusses the development of an extension vocabulary for describing theses and dissertations, using as a foundation. Instance data from the Montana State University ScholarWorks institutional repository was used to help drive and test the creation of the extension vocabulary. Once the vocabulary was developed, we used it to convert the entire ScholarWorks data sample into RDF. We then serialized a set of three RDF descriptions as RDFa and posted them online to gather statistics from Google Webmaster Tools. The study successfully demonstrated how a data model consisting of primarily terms and supplemented with a list of granular/domain specific terms can be used to describe theses and dissertations in detail.

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Suggested Citation:

Mixter, Jeffrey K., Patrick O'Brien, and Kenning Arlitsch. 2014. “Describing Theses and Dissertations Using” In DC-2014: Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications. Austin, Texas, USA: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.