Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition) DPT Technology Watch Report

by: Brian Lavoie and Richard Gartner

In the space of less than a decade, preservation metadata has evolved from a research topic to an integral part of best practice for the long-term stewardship of digital materials. The first edition of this report chronicled the evolution of preservation metadata from concept to standard, ending with the release of the PREMIS Data Dictionary. In second edition, this report focuses on new developments in preservation metadata made possible by the emergence of PREMIS as a de facto international standard. The report is intended for digital preservation practitioners interested in learning about the key developments in preservation metadata, especially as these developments concern the PREMIS Data Dictionary; the report will also be of interest to anyone seeking to learn more about the general topic of preservation metadata. The focus of work in preservation metadata has shifted from theory to practice; consequently, this report focuses on the key implementation topics that have emerged since the publication of the PREMIS Data Dictionary, including revisions of the Data Dictionary; community outreach; packaging (with a focus on METS), tools, PREMIS implementations in digital preservation systems, and implementation resources. The report also suggests some areas which future work in preservation metadata should address.

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Suggested Citation:

Lavoie, Brian and Richard Gartner. 2013. Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition) DPT Technology Watch Report. Great Britain: Digital Preservation Coalition in association with Charles Beagrie Ltd.