Rockefeller Archive Center joins the OCLC Research Library Partnership

Rockefeller Archive Center joins the OCLC Research Library Partnership

The Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) joins the OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) as a Partner.

The RAC collects, manages, preserves, and provides broad and equitable access to the historical records of philanthropy and other efforts to work on behalf of the public good to inspire critical analysis and contribution of knowledge to diverse learning communities throughout the world. It holds the archives of a large and growing number of philanthropic institutions, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and many other foundations and civil society organizations, as well as the papers of individuals associated with these organizations.

In the RAC’s collections, researchers from all over the world can explore topics ranging from the history of medicine, science, and public health to such fields as the arts, agriculture, social sciences, urban affairs, and public policy. The RAC’s stipend program provides support for those who need to travel to the Archive Center for their research, while its rich online resources engage even larger global communities. In addition, the RAC regularly convenes conferences, workshops, and other gatherings to bring diverse communities together to discuss significant issues related to its collections.

“The Research Library Partnership has been a key convener of conversations about the present and future of archives,” says Jack Meyers, President. “We are very pleased to join this global community of practitioners and thinkers.”

The OCLC RLP supports focused programming and research in four areas crucial to research libraries:

  • Research support
  • Unique and distinctive collections
  • Resource sharing
  • Next generation metadata

Across these four areas, the RLP seeks to support libraries through the challenges of COVID-19 and to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. The RLP currently comprises 120 Partner institutions around the world.

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