New Report: "Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories"

This report offers a quick environmental scan of the repository landscape and then focuses on disciplinary repositories--those subject-based, often researcher-initiated loci for research information.

Written by Senior Program Officer Ricky Erway, Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories is intended to help librarians support researchers in accessing and disseminating research information. The report includes profiles of seven repositories with a focus on their varied business models. It concludes with a discussion of sustainability, including funding models, factors that contribute to a repository's success, and ways to bring in additional revenue.

For a quick overview of the report, watch the video featuring Ricky Erway on YouTube. For more information about the work related to the report, see the Changes in Scholarly Communication project page on the OCLC Research website.

More Information

Read the report, Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories

Watch the video, Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Digital Repositories,
featuring Ricky Erway (2:46)

Learn more about the OCLC Research project associated with this report,
Changes in Scholarly Communication

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Senior Program Officer
OCLC Research

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