New Report: "Supporting Research: Environments, Administration and Libraries"

This report synthesizes the results of two parallel studies of research support services in US and UK universities that OCLC Research and the UK's Research Information Network undertook last year.

The following findings from the joint studies are highlighted in the report:

  • Universities face a diversity of needs and transnational challenges as they adjust to manage their researchers' outputs.
  • Libraries in recent years have been struggling to make a positive impact on the scholarly work of researchers with relatively little effect.
  • Many institutionally provided research support services are not appreciated by researchers in universities, who consider them marginal at best and burdensome at worst.
  • Although the contribution of libraries to preserving the scholarly archive is not certain, we cannot abandon the attempt to reach a shared understanding internationally.
  • A shared view of a scholarly archive for the digital age is needed to further develop capabilities and realize value.

This report is the latest in a series of OCLC Research reports resulting from our Research Information Management thematic focus of work, the goal of which is to help reach a collective understanding of the responsibilities of, and opportunities for, libraries in a changed research environment.

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Supporting Research: Environments, Administration and Libraries

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