Recent Reports: Analytical Reviews of Research Data About Digital Information Seekers, Virtual Research Environments and Digital Repository Projects

OCLC Senior Research Scientist Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral Researcher Timothy J. Dickey, Ph.D., have published two reports in the context of the JISC-funded project, "Towards a Profile of the Researcher of Today: What Can We Learn from JISC Projects?"

The Digital Information Seeker: Report of Findings from Selected OCLC, RIN and JISC User Behaviour Projects reviews, compares, and analyzes twelve studies commissioned and/or supported by non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide a synthesized report which makes it easier for information professionals to better understand the information-seeking behaviors of the libraries' intended users and to review the issues associated with the development of information services and systems that will best meet these users' needs. The report summarizes each of the selected studies, identifies common findings, and draws implications for libraries.

This is one of two reports Connaway and Dickey produced during their work with JISC. 

The other report, Common Themes Identified in an Analysis of JISC Virtual Research Environment and Digital Repository Projects, published by JISC in December 2009, is an analysis of JISC-funded Virtual Research Environments (VRE) and Digital Repositories that identifies common themes in research data regarding the scholar in the current VRE. The findings are envisioned as a potential catalyst for improving digital repositories and VREs as well as for future research in the adoption and use of these tools and systems. Implications for future funded research are also identified.

Lynn Silipigni Connaway presented findings from this report at the JISC Conference in London (UK) on Monday, 12 April 2010.

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Report: The Digital Information Seeker: Report of findings from selected OCLC, RIN and JISC user behaviour projects
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Common themes identified in an analysis of JISC Virtual Research Environment and Digital Repository Projects

JISC study: Towards a profile of the researcher of today: what can we learn from JISC projects?

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.

Timothy J. Dickey, Ph.D.

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