JUN 18

Works in Progress Webinar: Better design -- tools for creating user personas

Learn about tools, questions, and methodologies for building user personas–which can help you better understand user needs and behaviors to create better design.

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Carolyn Morgan, User Experience Researcher, OCLC


Design has the power to create impact and value for a user. However, without understanding who you are designing for and their needs – that impact and value may be positive or negative.  With research and real-life data, you can build for real users, real needs and create empathy across teams to deliver the right design. In this webinar, User Experience Researcher, Carolyn Morgan, will provide participants with the tools, questions, and methodologies to build user personas, which are used in software development to empower designers, managers, and developers to step into the mind of the users, in order to understand their needs, behaviors, and motivations to make better design decisions.  

Human-centered design is becoming the standard, not only in building apps and software, but also in university and public program development. This means understanding, “for whom we are building,” so that what is developed successfully responds to users’ needs. This webinar will share practical information and fundamental steps to help participants create user personas for their own projects. 

This webinar will be of interest to library staff engaged in developing user-facing programs, services, interfaces, and applications. 

Works in Progress: An OCLC Research Occasional Webinar Series

These webinars are exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners, but the recordings are publicly available to all.

Works in Progress: An OCLC Research Occasional Webinar Series to talk about work happening in OCLC Research – we'd like to present our work informally and get feedback from you, our Partners. We'd also like this to be a venue for Partner institutions. What are you working on that everyone should know about? What input would help you move forward? Let us know!

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18 June 2020


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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