OCLC Research at the 2011 University Library Symposium,
The Future of Mass Digitization

11 November 2011
Pacifico Yokohama Exhibit Hall
Yokohama, Japan

The proportion of e-journals and e-books in library resources is increasing rapidly every year. Domestically digitization of collections is no longer a future dream. National Diet Library has begun massive digitization project. In Europe and in the USA, Google Books Projects are realizing a rapid mass digitization, and Shared Print projects are changing the landscape significantly.

What will happen in the world of university libraries where digitized materials are taken for granted? At the 2011 University Library Symposium, the current status and developments in progress in the United States was discussed, followed by an assessment and discussion about issues related to the Japanese situation. The event concluded with a forecast for the future.

OCLC Research Library Partnership Vice President James Michalko provided an overview of the U.S. situation and developments in the opening keynote. He also served as a panelist in the afternoon session that covered varied perspectives on issues such as what will happen to print resources and what are the roles of library management. Details are below.

The symposium was sponsored by the Coordinating Committee of Japanese University Libraries with support of the Japan Library Association University Libraries Division.