RLG Programs 2008 European Partners Meeting Registration List

5-6 November 2008
Venue: Radisson SAS Hotel, Paris-Boulogne
33 avenue Edouard Vaillant
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Here is a list of RLG partners, friends and staff who attended our 2008 European Partners Meeting.

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First Name Last Name Job Title Institution
Anila Angjeli Technical Services Librarian Bibliothèque nationale de France
Simon Bains Head of Digital Library University of Edinburgh
Alasdair Ball Head of Collection Acquisition and Description The British Library
Christiane Baryla Director, IFLA-PAC Bibliothèque nationale de France
Christophe Beaucè Project Manager Bibliothèque nationale de France
Anne Bell Head Librarian University of Warwick
Charles Benson Keeper of Early Printed Books Trinity College Dublin
Emmanuelle Bermes Head Prospective & Metadata Services, Department of Bibliographic & Digital Information Bibliothèque nationale de France
Richard Boulderstone Director, e-Strategy and Information Systems The British Library
Françoise Bourdon Assistant Director, Department of Bibliographic & Digital Information Bibliothèque nationale de France
Sandra Bracegirdle Head of Collection Management University of Manchester
Caroline Brazier Head of Resource Discovery The British Library
Rachel Bruce Programme Director, Information Environment JISC
Marion van Brunschot Technical Services Librarian University of Amsterdam
Sheila Cannell Director of Library Services University of Edinburgh
Rein van Charldorp Managing Director OCLC EMEA
Genevieve Clavel-Merrin National and International Cooperation Swiss National Library
Mel Collier Head Librarian Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Lynn Silipigni Connaway Senior Research Scientist OCLC Research
Sally Curry Library Collaboration Programme Manager Research Information Network
Kurt De Belder University Librarian Leiden University
Lorcan Dempsey Vice President, Programs & Research and Chief Strategist OCLC Research
Catherine Dhérent Deputy Director of Services and Networks Bibliothèque nationale de France
Douglas Dodds Head of Central Services Victoria and Albert Museum
Helen Durndell University Librarian University of Glasgow
Isabelle Dussert-Carbone Director of Conservation Department Bibliothèque nationale de France
Louise Edwards General Manager The European Library
Ricky Erway Senior Program Officer OCLC Research
David Ferriero Andrew W. Mellon Director of The New York Public Libraries New York Public Library
Margaret Flood Keeper (Collection Management) Trinity College Dublin Library
Peter Fox University Librarian University of Cambridge
Janifer Gatenby Research Integration and Standards OCLC
Robin Green Deputy Librarian University of Warwick
Branwen Hide Liaison and Partnership Officer Research Information Network
Christel Hengel   Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
David Hunter Strategy and Performance Manager National Library of Scotland
Hans Jansen Director e-Strategy Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Kristian Jensen Acting Head of British Collections The British Library
Alan Knox Head of Historic Collections University of Aberdeen
Christian Lupovici Director of Bibliographic & Digital Information Department Bibliothèque nationale de France
John MacColl RLG Programs European Director OCLC Research
Constance Malpas Program Officer OCLC Research
Catherine Marandas Chef du Service de coordination et d'administration des Métadonnée Directeur de l'Agence Bibliothèque nationale de France
Angelika Menne-Haritz Vice President Bundesarchiv
James Michalko Vice President, RLG Programs OCLC Research
Ronald Milne Director of Scholarship and Collections The British Library
Anne Murray Deputy Librarian University of Cambridge
Frances Norton Head of the Wellcome Library Wellcome Library
Richard Ovenden Associate Director University of Oxford
David Perrow Interim Librarian School of Oriental and African Studies
Anne Poulson Executive Director RLUK
Glyn Price Technical Services Manager London School of Economics and Political Science
Lesley Richmond Director of Archives University of Glasgow
Eric de Ruijter Head Reading Room/Website International Institute of Social History
Zina Sabovic Head of Collection Management Wellcome Library
John Scally Director of Collections University of Edinburgh
Wouter Schallier Executive Director LIBER
Claire Sibille Digital Archivist Direction des Archives de France
William Stockting Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue Integration Manager The British Library
Barbara Thompson Witt & Conway Librarian Courtauld Institute of Art
Günter  Waibel Program Officer OCLC Research
Titia van der Werf Director Collections & Services International Institute of Social History
Britta Woldering Secretary Conference of European National Librarians