RLG Programs 2008 Annual Partners Meeting
The Future of Collections Breakout Session Participants

June 2-3, 2008

Here is a list of RLG partners and staff who participated in the Future of Collections Breakout Session.

First Name Last Name Institution
Robin  Adams Trinity College London
Naomi  Adelman New York Academy of Medicine
Susan M. Allen Getty Research Institute
Simon  Bains National Library of Scotland
Jonathan  Bengtson University of Toronto
Alison  Bobal Oregon State University
Steve  Bosch University of Arizona
Martha  Brogan University of Pennsylvania  
Robert L. Byrd Duke University
Eric  Childress OCLC Programs and Research
Yolanda  Cooper University of Miami
Paul  Courant University of Michigan
Scott  Duvall Brigham Young University
Nancy L.  Eaton  Pennsylvania State University
Nancy  Elkington OCLC Programs and Research
Sharon E.  Farb University of California, Los Angeles
Natsuko  Furuya Guest
Colin  Galloway University of Glasgow
Roberta  Gwilt Syracuse University
Martha  Hruska University of California, San Diego
Ruth  Hughes Library Company of Philadelphia
Peggy  Johnson University of Minnesota
Kerry  Keck Rice University
Terry  Kirchner Columbia University
Tom  Knoles American Antiquarian
Constance  Malpas OCLC Programs and Research
Dennis  Massie OCLC Programs and Research
Amy  McColl Swarthmore College
Christopher  Mills Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Ronald  Milne British Library
Max  Moeller Hagley Museum and Library
Jim  O'Donnell California Institute of Technology
Assunta  Pisani Stanford University
Patricia  Promis University of Arizona
Melissa Renspie OCLC Programs and Research
John M.  Saylor Cornell University
Bryan  Skib University of Michigan
Merle  Slyhoff University of Pennsylvania Law
Emily  Stambaugh California Digital Library
Michael  Stoller New York University
Shiyo  Sugiyama Keio University Medical Center
Sandra L.  Tatman Athenaeum of Philadelphia
Anne  Van Camp Smithsonian Institution Archives
Kirstie S. Venanzi Institute for Advanced Study
Carolyn  Walters Indiana University
Roy  Ziegler Florida State University

For more information, contact Constance Malpas or Dennis Massie, Program Officers.