December 2006 Discovery to Delivery Services in the Research Library (UK)

Date & Location: Monday, December 4, 2006. Imperial College London Library.

This invitational planning meeting provided RLG Programs Partners in Europe with an opportunity to surface issues and prioritize work items that would 1) inform fruitful directions for the OCLC Programs and Research agenda, and 2) feed into shaping the 15-16 March 2007 symposium on " Discovery to Delivery and Beyond—Issues for the Research Library."

A good deal of recent discussion in the library community has focused on the possible benefits of disaggregating key functionalities of the Integrated Library System—discovery services provided by the OPAC, for example—into modular components that could be shared by peer institutions with common profiles. Mass digitization efforts improve discovery but not necessarily delivery. What can the research library community do to deliver materials to where the users are? Invited RLG Programs Partners will help move this discussion into the practical realm by sharing their plans, experiences, and concerns.

For information contact Karen Smith-Yoshimura, RLG Programs.