WorldCat Identities Network

The WorldCat Identity Network uses the WorldCat Identities Web Service and the WorldCat Search API to create an interactive Related Identity Network Map for each Identity in the WorldCat Identities database. The Identity Maps can be used to explore the interconnectivity between WorldCat Identities.

A WorldCat Identity can be a person, a thing (e.g., the Titanic), a fictitious character (e.g., Harry Potter), or a corporation (e.g., IBM).


The WorldCat Identities Network gives users the opportunity to visually explore the interconnectivity and relationships between WorldCat Identities.


The WorldCat Identities Network is available at

The WorldCat Identities API provides up to 10 Related Identities for each Identity. These Related Identities are then displayed as a visual network map that allows users to easily jump from Identity Network to Identity Network by clicking the Identity name on the map.

The WorldCat Search API is also used to provide added information for each relationship displayed on the Identity Network Map. Each Identity on the map has a corresponding entry below the map that uses the WorldCat Search API to display titles found in WorldCat that reference the two Related Identities.


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