Benefits of SHARES Participation

Costs of interlibrary loan and document supply held to minimum through agreements to supply one another at fixed below-market prices.

Despite increasing library costs and shrinking budgets, SHARES participants can count on the fact that their fixed, low-cost access interlibrary loan and document supply fees won't be raised.

"In summary, SHARES is speedy, efficient, loan things we often don't expect—even more willing than UK libraries—and much cheaper than a British Library Worldwide search."
—University of Leeds

"As libraries look at all costs in these tough financial times, it seems that the value we find in SHARES is being appreciated more and more by our administration."
—Stony Brook University

"I think the former RLG art libraries, those who are now SHARES art-to-art libraries, particularly appreciate having a space in the vast land of OCLC where we can continue to share art material directly with each other, no fees attached."
—Bard Graduate Center