FRBR: Application of the Entity-Relationship Model to Humphry Clinker

Supporting materials for the paper published in Library Resources & Technical Services, Volume 46, No. 4, October 2002.

Of the 179 records in the data used for the paper:

  • 157 were for books (English print editions)
  • 14 were for microforms
  • 8 were for translations.

These records are summarized in the accompanying Excel spreadsheet (xls: 79K/3 sheets).

  • Each row in the spreadsheet summarizes a single bibliographic record and includes the identifying name for both the expression and manifestation.

Forty-five of the books were photographed and those images are also provided.

  • The books for which images are available are identified in the spreadsheet column labeled Photos.
  • The images are grouped and linked by their OCLC number.
  • The images are high resolutions, generally exceeding a megabyte in .jpg format.
    • Due to their size, it is not recommended that these images be accessed via dial-up or other relatively slow Internet connections.

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