DeweyBrowser operated until July 2013, but is no longer being supported. Classify may be used instead of the DeweyBrowser.

The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

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The DeweyBrowser, beta version 2.0, has a new interface and updated database. You can search for a topic or drill down through the summaries by clicking on a caption in the Dewey clouds. New features include the ability to filter search results by format, language of resource, and OCLC Audience Level. You can also search within a results set.

The interface provides the option of displaying the captions in one of several languages. Available languages are English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

The prototype provides access to approximately 2.5 million records from the OCLC Worldcat database. The records are indexed and searched using Apache Solr. The prototype runs on a Linux platform, using the Apache HTTP and Tomcat servers.

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Sample Searches

  • Celebrity Advertising
  • Graphic Novels
  • Religión y mitología
  • 615.925688
  • 791.4372

Why we developed this Prototype

The DDC is the most widely used classification system in the world. It is built on sound principles that make it ideal as a general knowledge organization tool: meaningful notation, well-defined categories and well-developed hierarchies.

Libraries have a large investment in Dewey, for example, when weighted by library holdings, 70% of resources in WorldCat are categorized by Dewey. The DeweyBrowser can help users access these collections.

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