WorldShare e-Services


The e-Services package is offered to academic libraries solely in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in three modules: Entry, Discovery and Full. For details on what’s included in each, reference the table below:

WorldShare e-Services Entry Discovery Full
License Manager (including Link Resolver) Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
EZproxy Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
WorldCat.org Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
WorldShare Metadata Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
WorldCat Discovery Services   Checkmark Checkmark
Holdings syndication   Checkmark Checkmark
WorldShare Acquisition     Checkmark

White paper

Meeting the e-Resources Challenge

Is it possible to centralise the management of licensed resources and maximize their exposure within one seamless workflow? Case studies and findings from the e-Resource Advisory Council provide a set of challenges and related recommendations. The goal? Put electronic materials into the hands of library users more quickly, regardless of where they start their online information search.

Download the white paper

The WorldShare e-Services solution helps libraries with the management, discovery and delivery of e-resources. This full suite of cloud-based applications simplifies end-to-end processes to get e-resources to library users faster, wherever they start their search.