SEP 17

Making e-resources easier to find, share, manage, and use: A demo of how License Manager integrates with existing OCLC services

A 30-minute demonstration of how WorldShare License Manager allows you to manage your library's license agreements, rights, access, and resolution to full text more easily

With License Manager, you get a full analytics database of statistics to help you make better decisions about your e-resource licenses over their life cycles and ensure your library provides access to the resources your users need.

In addition to seamless integration with your existing OCLC subscriptions, you can:

  • Automatically maintain accurate links. License Manager takes full advantage of the WorldCat knowledge base to automatically maintain your library’s holdings. By combining local collections data with linking features, you can improve catalog quality and make your electronic materials easier to find, share, manage and use while automatically maintaining WorldCat holdings.
  • Streamline workflows with "crowd-sourced" templates. Prepare licenses using "crowd-sourced" license templates or clone previous local work from within License Manager.
  • Automate your ILL connection. Communicate ILL license terms instantaneously. License Manager automates ILL “yes/no” term judgements while simultaneously serving as a searchable repository of both documentation and license histories.
  • Inform your decision making with usage statistics. Automatically gather usage statistics from COUNTER 4 and 5-compliant vendors. Included are new COUNTER 5 reports and support for both automatic and manual harvesting featuring SUSHI connections to more than 200 COUNTER-5 compliant vendors.
  • Instantly publish and maintain Discovery public notes. License Manager features a customizable public notes utility to provide license-based contextualization within your WorldCat Discovery user experience.
  • Automate your license trials. Automate your time-limited collection trials and gather user feedback with an innovative trial survey utility capable of gathering user feedback on most any library web presence.

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17 September 2024


2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]