Drive transformation in your library with these game-changing resources from ARC18

At the second annual Americas Regional Council Conference (ARC18), almost 220 community leaders gathered in Chicago to share ideas on how to transform not only our libraries, but our communities and institutions. Many of the tremendous insights shared during ARC18 are now available at the links below for you to view and share with colleagues. We hope that you find these resources as game-changing as we do, and are inspired to use these learnings to chart a course for the future of your library.

Watch highlights from ARC18

What does it take to be a game-changer?

During our closing session, we asked ARC18 attendees to share the one word that they’d use to describe what being a game-changer means to them. We used these insights to create a visual word cloud, which is now available for download (and continued inspiration).

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General Session Presentations

Changing the Game through Co-Creation and Citizen Engagement
Rolf Hapel
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Phyllis Lockwett presentng at ARC18

Changing the Game in Education through Personalized Learning
Phyllis Lockett
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Lorcan Dempsey presentng at ARC18

The OCLC Network
Lorcan Dempsey
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Elaine Westbrooks presentng at ARC18

Changing the Game through a Catalyst Mindset
Elaine Westbrooks
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Brian Bannon and Dr. Louse Bernard presentng at ARC18

Change the Game: Radical Collaboration
Brian Bannon and Dr. Louise Bernard
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John Bracken presentng at ARC18

Reimagining Libraries for the 21st Century
John Bracken
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Breakout Session Presentations

High Impact: Library Technologies and Transformation
Vera Armann-Keown, Annette Bailey, Stephanie Metko, Christine Shaw
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Laying the Groundwork for Everyday Advocacy
Catherine Hamer, Lynette Schurdevin
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Scaling Open Access
Dalia Corkrum, Cathy King, Tom Phillips (Moderated by Rachel Frick)
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Using Library Data to Impact Staff & Organizational Culture
Laura Costello, Michael Perry, Stephanie Simko
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Cultivating Change through Assessment and Innovation
Katy O’Neil, Katherine Terpis, Dr. Elizabeth A. Titus
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Empowering New Engagement for Digital Collections: CONTENTdm with IIIF
Jullianne Ballou, Meredith McDonough, Taylor Surface
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Increasing Inclusion: Expanding Library Services for Under-represented Communities
Justin de la Cruz, Matthew Sheehy, Amy Winfrey
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Wikipedia and Libraries: Revolution through Collaboration
Teri Embrey, Eric Willey, Angela Yon
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Game-changing Collection Management through Collaboration
Jennifer Maddox Abbott, Michelle Frisque, Scott Walter
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Library Data: From Linked Data to the Research Landscape
Joe Mocnik, MacKenzie Smith
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Supporting Applied Innovation in Your Library
Arne Almquist, Sharon Almquist, Cathy King, Glenn Kneebone
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Tools & Strategies for Preserving Important Collections
Jennifer Bowen, Keith Chevalier, Susan Stearns
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Crafting Library Narratives: Data Mining and Assessment for Stakeholders
Lorely Ambriz, Devin Savage
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Having a Greater Impact on People’s Lives: Public Libraries at the Center of Their Communities
Sarah Campbell, Pilar Martinez, Lynette Schurdevin (Moderated by Scott Livingston)
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Learning Analytics: Understanding Behaviors and Perspectives
Abigail Goben, Kyle M.L. Jones, Michael Perry
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Shifting "Reality": Transforming Libraries through Innovation
Earl Givens Jr., Kathlin Ray, Laura Rocke
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