As of 30 April 2024 Connexion browser has been discontinued. Users who prefer a web-based interface can make the switch to WorldShare® Record Manager. Users of the Windows-based Connexion client can continue to use the locally-installed Connexion client for their cataloging workflows. Learn more

Connexion is used by all types of libraries, of all sizes, in countries all over the world. Let us help you get started. OCLC offers customized subscription pricing for individual institutions and library groups tailored to your specific needs.

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Current cataloging service users

If you currently use an OCLC cataloging service, there's nothing to order. All current cataloging authorizations will work in Connexion.

To use Connexion client:

Download the software, install and log in using your current cataloging authorization and password.

Outsource cataloging and record processing to get materials in the hands of users faster

Your users rely on your catalog to find and access your resources, so it’s important to keep your cataloging records as accurate and up to date as possible. Keeping up with recently purchased materials can take a lot of staff time that could better be spent highlighting the special collections that make your library unique. By engaging in a Third-Party Cataloging and Record Processing agreement between OCLC, you, and your vendor partner, your vendor partner can help you create the WorldCat® MARC records you need so your users can discover your new acquisitions.

Third-Party Cataloging and Record Processing Agreement Request

If you are interested in third-party cataloging and/or record processing, please complete the Third-Party Cataloging and Record Processing Agreement Request form.

Your request will be reviewed by OCLC and the agreement will be sent to both the library and the vendor partner for electronic signature. Please ensure both parties are aware of this request.