Learn More About WorldCat Works

As announced yesterday, OCLC has published the first production release of WorldCat infrastructure delivering linked data in the form of Work descriptions. These are high-level descriptions of resources containing information such as author, name, descriptions, subjects etc., common to all editions of a work—for bibliographic resources found in WorldCat. This is the first step in what will be an evolutionary journey to provide interconnected linked data views of the rich entities captured in the shared collection of bibliographic records that make up WorldCat.

  • See the OCLC data page to learn more about Linked Data and OCLC’s strategy
  • Read Richard Wallis’s description of Works on Data Liberate to learn more about WorldCat Works.
  • Review the details in our updated Linked Data section here on Developer Network

Our success will be based upon how the data is exposed, how it is used, and the intrinsic quality of the data. A new view of data often exposes previously unseen issues and so we expect a lot of feedback on those issues.  In fact, we welcome any feedback on publication, usage, quality, or any other aspect of the data that you can provide. We invite you to do that in a couple of ways:

  • Email us at data@oclc.org with your questions about working with Work entities, or about our linked data strategy.
  • Participate in a survey that will help us structure your feedback so that it can better inform our efforts going forward.

Although we have accomplished a major milestone with Works in making the WorldCat data aggregation more useful and usable to libraries and others around the world, there is more to come.  We have more work to do to make it as usable as we want it to be and we fully expect there will be things we will need to fix or change along the way.  We invite you on our ongoing journey to a future of actionable data on the web for all to use.

Over the next several months, some of OCLC’s other core entities will become available as linked open data. To follow the progress of the WorldCat linked open data releases, see the WorldCat Entities page and stay tuned here at Developer Network. Keep an eye out for announcements and additional documentation on tutorials, examples, and solution guides.


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