Upcoming WMS NCIP API Changes

On 5 May 2020 OCLC will be installing changes to the WMS NCIP Service which affect the WMS NCIP Patron Profile – UpdateRequestItem message. UpdateRequestItem will now potentially return a ProblemType -> ProblemDetail of NO_HOLDABLE_ITEMS when the pickupLocation sent is not valid for the item associated with the request.




    <ns1:ProblemType ns1:Scheme="http://www.niso.org/ncip/v1_0/schemes/processingerrortype/requestitemprocessingerror.scm">Element Rule Violated</ns1:ProblemType>




On 7 June 2020, OCLC will be installing changes to the WMS NCIP service which affect both the Staff and Patron Profiles. As part of our enhancements to WMS Circulation to support membership fees, the WMS NCIP service will also allow institutions to block patrons from making circulation operations until they have fully paid membership fees (where a policy is in place).

To support this change, the LookupUser message will now support the UserOptionalField -> BlockOrTrap field.

New responses can include the following:




      <AgencyId Scheme="http://oclc.org/ncip/schemes/agencyid.scm">91475</AgencyId> 

      <BlockOrTrapType Scheme="http://oclc.org/ncip/schemes/wms-circ/blockOrTrapType.scm">Patron Requires Membership</BlockOrTrapType> 





Additionally, the CheckOutItem and RenewItem messages will support a new problem type in the responses with a value of 'PATRON_REQUIRES_MEMBERSHIP'.




  <ns1:ProblemType ns1:Scheme="http://www.niso.org/ncip/v1_0/schemes/processingerrortype/renewitemprocessingerror.scm">UserBlocked</ns1:ProblemType> 



Existing institutions which do not utilize the Membership fees functionality should be unaffected by this change.

Questions or concerns about these changes should be directed to devnet@oclc.org.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst