Upcoming WMS Acquisitions API Changes

OCLC will be installing changes to the WMS Acquisitions API which affect Invoice items and Ship-to/Bill-to addresses. This change will affect the Purchase Order, Invoice and Invoice Item resources within the Acquisitions API.  The date for these changes is yet to be determined.


Invoice Items:

OCLC is adding the ability to add/update/delete local resource invoice items to an invoice.  These can be credit, refund, or debit items.  A local resource ID that is retrieved from the URL in the UI must be supplied, since there is not a local resource endpoint.


Ship-to and Bill-to Addresses:

OCLC is including additional Ship-to and Bill-to address fields in the order endpoint, allowing libraries to specify both the ship-to and bill-to address.

Ship-to and bill-to addresses are based on addresses within the Institution Registry. Each address has a unique identifier which need to be included in requests to create new invoices and update addresses in existing invoices.

In addition, OCLC will be deprecating the existing shippingAddressId field in a subsequent release. 



Please contact OCLC Customer Support with questions about these changes.  Libraries can also refer to our OCLC API documentation for more details.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst