Developer House Projects

Bohyun, Jason, Steve, and Michael are all working with library hours data using the Worldcat Registry API. Each has a slightly different use case for the hours. But the group is working collaboratively to understand the RDF output and how to work with Linked Data using PHP and Perl. In PHP they’re exploring easyrdf. The ultimate goal is to be able to pull back hours data for a library as well as its branches.

Terry B, Karen, and Brian are building a PHP library for the WorldCat knowledge base API that will read and search the various resources: settings, providers, collections, entries. Additionally Karen is abstracting the code into a standard OCLC Resource Class which can be used to generically interact with most OCLC web services and their resources.

Terry R is working on a similar project, creating a Ruby gem that works for all WorldCat knowledge base API operations. If he has time, he’d like to make it an A to Z list application for journals and databases that can be installed and run out of the box with some options for UI customization.

Andrea, Lauren, and Mark are working on developing connectors between ILLiad and WMS that will allow automatic checkout in WMS of materials sent to other libraries and automatic population of item information such as availability, call number, etc. in ILLiad lending requests. The group is working in both Lua (the language ILLiad is written in) and doing some basic testing using PHP.

Joe, Sara, George, and Bobbi are working on a JQuery VIAF autocomplete plugin that will allow authorities to be “autosuggested” in several possible applications. Two particular use cases they are exploring are: integration autosuggest into a discovery interface when searching by author and auto-complete of authorities when cataloging materials into an institutional repository. They’ve provided OCLC with some feedback and are hoping to use some new prototype outputs that will be made available early tomorrow in a testing environment.

We’re wrapping up a busy – and snowy! – day 3 here at Developer House and there’s still a lot more to come. Stay tuned!


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