December 2013 Enhancements for the WorldShare Platform Scheduled

Work continues on the WorldShare Platform and I want to bring your attention to a couple of enhancements coming to the WorldCat Metadata API.

Note that on Saturday, 28 December 2013, there will be a scheduled service downtime for the OCLC WorldShare Platform and all associated OCLC Web services available through the Platform from 2:00 am to 8:00 am EST (-5 GMT). During the downtime (which will be minimized as much as possible), the WorldShare Platform will receive this quarter’s planned enhancements.

There are two changes in the December release for the WorldCat Metadata API.

Mime types used for JSON
Atom-wrapped JSON requests and responses switch from "application/json" to "application/atom+json”. This change is not backward compatible and API users are advised to be prepared for this change to take place on 28 December.

Originally, we used application/json because it is the mime type defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). There is no official IANA mime type for application/atom+json. While we try to minimize these kinds of changes, we decided to use the more specific, though not standard, mime type application/atom+json for an Atom wrapped representation in JSON so we did not overload the generic form (application/json) with an ambiguity.

Retrieving holding code information
The “holdingLibraryCode” will change from a required to optional parameter. If not provided, the default will be the code for the first holding library in the institution’s list.

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