New Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition) DPC Technology Watch Report co-authored by Brian Lavoie available

OCLC Research Scientist Brian Lavoie and Richard Gartner from King's College London co-authored this second edition of Preservation Metadata, which focuses on new developments in preservation metadata made possible by the emergence of PREMIS as a de facto international standard. This report will be of interest to digital preservation practitioners interested in learning about key issues in implementing preservation metadata (especially in the context of the PREMIS Data Dictionary), as well as anyone seeking to learn more about the general topic of preservation metadata.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Preservation metadata and the PREMIS Data Dictionary are part of best practice for digital stewardship
  • Recent preservation metadata work has shifted focus from conceptual issues to implementation issues
  • Many advances in implementation have been made possible by the emergence and take-up of PREMIS
  • PREMIS revisions include expanded support for rights metadata and extensibility 
  • Advances have been made in using PREMIS with METS, and several implementation tools have emerged
  • PREMIS resources include: implementation registry, vocabularies, OWL ontology, conformance statement
  • More work is needed to identify best practice from preservation metadata implementation experiences
  • More work is needed to assess the costs and benefits of preservation metadata

An abstract of Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition) is available below. The complete report is available from the Digital Preservation Coalition website (pdf: 986K/40 pp.).

Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition) Abstract

In the space of less than a decade, preservation metadata has evolved from a research topic to a integral part of best practice for the long-term stewardship of digital materials. The first edition of this report chronicled the evolution of preservation metadata from concept to standard, ending with the release of the PREMIS Data Dictionary. This second edition focuses on new developments in preservation metadata made possible by the emergence of PREMIS as a de facto international standard. The report is intended for digital preservation practitioners interested in learning about the key developments in preservation metadata, especially as these development concern the PREMIS Data Dictionary; the report will also be of interest to anyone seeking to learn more about the general topic of preservation metadata. The focus of work in preservation metadata has shifted from theory to practice; consequently, this report focuses on the key implementation topics that have emerged since the publication of the PREMIS Data Dictionary, including revisions of the Data Dictionary; community outreach; packaging (with a focus on METS tools, PREMIS implementations in digital preservation systems, and implementation resources. The report also suggests some areas which future work in preservation metadata should address.

About the Digital Preservation Commission

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a not-for-profit advocate and catalyst for digital preservation. The coalition ensures its members can continue to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through knowledge exchange, capacity building, assurance, advocacy and partnership. Its primary objective is raising awareness of the importance of the preservation of digital material and the attendant strategic, cultural and technological issues. The DPC Technology Watch Reports support this objective through an advanced introduction to topics that have a major bearing on its vision to make  digital memory accessible today.

The second edition of Preservation Metadata is the latest in the state-of-the-art Technology Watch Reports that give an advanced introduction to ensuring that high-value and vulnerable digital resources can be managed beyond the limits of technological obsolescence.

For more information:

Brian Lavoie
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research


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