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CONTENTdm is a single software solution that handles the storage, management and delivery of your library’s digital collections to the Web by providing you with:

  • A Windows-based, digital collection tool where data and digital items are prepared in large batches
  • A server where data and images are stored and can be edited
  • A Web-based discovery interface optimized for customization
  • A self-service tool to upload the metadata of your digital content to WorldCat using the Digital Collection Gateway
  • Integration with OCLC products for building collections with cataloging workflows, as well as the option of harvesting from the Web sites and adding long-term preservation

How CONTENTdm works

Your digital collections reside on a CONTENTdm Server, either installed locally or on an OCLC-hosted server. Digital items can be added from anywhere using:

  1. the CONTENTdm Project Client, which can be distributed among staff and collaborating partners,
  2. the Connexion client using Connexion digital import,
  3. a Web browser using a simple Web form,
  4. the CONTENTdm Flex Loader for newspapers, or
  5. the CONTENTdm Catcher web service for batch editing metadata.

Your digital collections can be searched via the Web using standard Web browsers by any number of end users, unless you choose to restrict access. With its ability to handle any file type, CONTENTdm can serve as a repository to bring collections together into a cohesive and accessible Web-based environment.


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Create your digital collections by adding digital items and data using a Windows-based, digital collection tool—the CONTENTdm Project Client

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Administer and edit collections using the Web-based, CONTENTdm Administration interface

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With the CONTENTdm Website Configuration Tool, you can easily apply a branded look and feel to your website with text, fonts, colors, styles, logo and custom headers. There are also settings for discoverability, viewer behavior, searching and results, and more.

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