How to become a member

Join the OCLC cooperative

The core tenet of membership in the OCLC cooperative is contribution and sharing of resources. Primarily, this happens when your institution contributes its holdings to WorldCat, the world's largest online network of library content. Many roads lead to WorldCat—whether you contribute holdings as an independent institution or as a member of a consortium, state or national library—as long as your institution's holdings are updated at least one time within a three-year period, your institution will maintain its membership status.

There is no separate membership fee to join OCLC. However, a subscription to WorldCat or other services that contribute intellectual content are required. Other possible collaborative contributions that qualify for membership include contributing to the QuestionPoint knowledge base and borrowing or lending resources through The WorldCat Resource Sharing service on OCLC's global resource sharing network.

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Not sure if your institution is an OCLC member?

If your institution belongs to a consortium, or is part of a state or national library, it is possible that this group updates your institution’s holdings in WorldCat and takes on all administrative duties related to OCLC membership on behalf of its members. Therefore, your institution could be a member without being invoiced directly by OCLC.

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