xISBN Resource

URL and Supported Requests

The xISBN Resource supports six operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
fixChecksum http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=fixCheckSum&format={format} GET
getMetadata http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=getMetadata&format={format}&fl={fields} GET
getEditions http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=getEditions&format={format}&fl={fields} GET
hyphenate http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=hyphen&format={format} GET
to10 http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=to10&format={format}&fl={fields} GET
to13 http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/{ISBN}?method=to13&format={format}&fl={fields} GET

Response Formats


Required? Description Expected/Sample Value
ai No WorldCat Affiliate ID associated with the client application  
callback No JSON Callback  
count No The number of search results desired by the client  



Comma seperated list of fields to return in the response.

In responding to

  • fixChecksum
  • to10
  • to13

operations only ISBN number is returned.

fl = * returns all fields

  • author
  • city
  • ed
  • oclcnum
  • form
  • lang
  • publisher
  • title
  • url
  • year



Format to return the response in

  • xml
  • json
hash No      
library No

Limit search scope to a particular library's holding.

startIndex No The index of the first search result desired by the client  
token No Token    

Response Fields





City of Publication



The ONIX production form code, this field is space-delimited if multiple values exist. Current supported values include:

  • AA (Audio)
  • BA (Book)
  • BB (Hardcover)
  • BC (Paperback)
  • DA (Digital)
  • FA (Film or transparency)
  • MA(Microform)
  • VA (Video)
lang The language field uses three-character MARC Code List for Languages.


Library Of Congress Control Number, this field is space-delimited if multiple values exist.
oclcnum OCLC number, this field is space-delimited if multiple values exist

Original Language


title Title
url URL link to electronic resource, this field is space-delimited if multiple values exist. This field is always present and minimally will contain the WorldCat.org url for the item. If other values exists they will also be present in this field.
year Publication year

Example URLs

Retrieve metadata for the ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596529260?method=getMetadata&format=xml&fl=*

Retrieve editions for the ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596529260?method=getEditions&format=xml&fl=*

Convert 10 digit ISBN to 13 digit ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596529260?method=to13&format=xml&fl=*

Convert 13 digit ISBN to 110 digit ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/9780596529260?method=to10&format=xml&fl=*

Fix CheckSum on ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596529260?method=fixChecksum&format=xml

Add Hyphens to ISBN 0596529260:

GET http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596529260?method=hyphen&format=xml


Result Paging

By default the first 1000 matched ISBNs are returned. However there are a few works with more than 1000 matches (e.g. Bible), in that case, the remaining ISBNs can be fetched by the paging method. Use "startIndex" and "count" parameters to page the result. The same technique can be used if the client desired less than 1000 records in response.  

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