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If you wish to enable online archiving from an existing OCLC Web Harvesting subscription or from an existing OCLC Connexion digital import registration please note this in the Comments box below.

Storage Capacity Selection

You must select an initial Storage Capacity. More capacity can be added in the future as you require it.

Storage Capacity is in units of 100GB of storage. This capacity automatically renews each year. Select the number of GB's of data you will store in your Archive to the nearest 100GB. If you'll store less than 100GB please select "1."

x 100GB of storage capacity (automatically renews each year)

Ingest Options. You have 3 options for delivering data to the Archive for Ingest. Your choice of delivery method will depend on the nature of the data and your local project workflow, so you do not need to pre-select a delivery method. Data can be delivered at any time through any of these mechanisms.

  • Network Ingest – Deliver data to the Digital Archive using a secure file transfer facility included with your subscription.
  • Physical Media – Deliver data to the Digital Archive on a portable storage device. Additional fees apply for each 100GB. Contact for pricing.
  • Online Ingest with Connexion – Deliver files one-by-one during the cataloging process through Connexion Client. Available only to CONTENTdm Hosting subscribers with Cataloging subscriptions.
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