Take Action: Using and Presenting Research Findings to Make Your Case

Part three of a three-part series on evaluating and sharing your library's impact, focused on presenting data to make the case for how your library plays a critical role in your community.

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You’ve formulated the hard questions. You’ve collected your data. What stories do your findings tell, and what do they suggest? This final session explores how to present findings to your library’s key stakeholders and decision-makers in a compelling way, and how to turn those findings into action that benefits your patrons. 

This webinar is the final in a three-part series bringing together research and practice from across library sectors, covering the ins and outs of creating, and implementing assessments that provide insightful, actionable data.

Presented by Melissa Bowles-Terry, Head of Educational Initiatives, UNLV Libraries (NV); and moderated and co-presented by Marie L. Radford, Professor of Library and Information Science, Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information

Who should attend?

Public, academic, or research library staff who:

  • have never worked with data before,
  • have some experience but need a refresher, or
  • would like to learn how to best leverage assessment data to benefit their library.

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03 oktober 2018


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
UTC -4

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