JUN 21

American Library Association's Annual Conference

Connect with OCLC at the American Library Association's Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Join OCLC at our ALA Annual events

Planning your ALA Annual schedule? We invite you to OCLC events in New Orleans to learn more about OCLC initiatives and to connect with fellow members. Three juried sessions are included in the listing below; register for those sessions via the ALA Conference Scheduler.  

Please join us at our programs and events, and visit us at OCLC booth 2931

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Friday, June 22 

OCLC Expert Cataloging Community Sharing Session
The Marriott at the Convention Center, Blaine Kern C | 10:30 am–12:00 pm

The Expert Cataloging Community Session (formerly the Enhance and Expert Community Sharing Session) is a forum for Q&A and exchange of information concerning cataloging in WorldCat between OCLC Metadata Quality staff and catalogers from OCLC member libraries.

Saturday, June 23

Dewey Update Breakfast and ALCTS Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group Meeting
The Hilton Riverside, Jackson Room | 7:00–10:00 am

Learn about the latest updates to the Dewey Decimal Classification and other Dewey news from editors Juli Beall and Alex Kyrios. Plus, hear from Caroline Saccucci from the Library of Congress. Then stay for a discussion with colleagues from the ALCTS Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group.

OCLC WorldShare Management Services: A Revolutionary Approach to Extending Library Cooperation through WorldCat
Morial Convention Center, Room 208 | 8:30–10:00 am

Together with libraries, OCLC pioneered the move of services to the cloud seven years ago with WorldShare Management Services (WMS). Today, WMS is a leading-edge library services platform offering an integrated discovery service, a student worker app, a full range of APIs, analytics such as electronic license’s cost-per-use, and lots more. Join us to learn the latest about WMS, and hear librarians share their experiences.

Spotlight session: Use Data to Drive Change with OCLC Wise
Booth #2931 | 10:00–10:15 am

Public libraries aim to be an accurate reflection of their communities. But what does that mean and how do you get there? Find out how OCLC Wise uses data to drive your efforts to evolve your collection, services, programs, and space to meet changing community needs.

LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY GUIDES SESSION: Executive Perspectives: A Conversation on the Future of the Library Technology Industry, Room 293 | 10:30–11:30 am

Marshall Breeding, consultant, journalist, and analyst for the library technology industry, will lead a lively discussion to probe at technology and business trends. This year's panel, which includes Mary Sauer-Games, OCLC Vice President of Global Product Management, will discuss technologies that support the expanding role of libraries into their communities and parent institutions. OCLC REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED; SEE THE FULL EVENT DESCRIPTION.

OCLC Linked Data Roundtable: Stories from the Front
Morial Convention Center, Room 209 | 10:30–11:30 am

Join OCLC’s Roy Tennant as he hosts a panel of experts who will share their current activities and recent experiences with linked data. Panelists include Naun Chew and Honor Moody of Harvard University, Sally McCallum of the Library of Congress, and Jeremy Myntti of the University of Utah. Brief presentations by each panelist will be followed by time to ask questions of the panelists.

OCLC Wise: Community Engagement of the Future 
Morial Convention Center, Room 208 | 1:00–2:00 pm

Public libraries aim to be an accurate reflection of their communities. But what does that mean and how do you get there? Join Ty Pierce, OCLC Product Manager, OCLC Global Product Management, for an open discussion about using data to drive your efforts to evolve your collection, services, programs, and space to meet changing community needs. 

Spotlight session: Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together
Booth #2931 | 1:15–1:30 pm

Librarians are embracing Wikipedia as a way to teach information literacy, expose local knowledge sources on the open web, and connect with a diverse range of community members around topics of interest. Get an update on OCLC’s ongoing work to bridge the Wikipedia and library communities in support of their shared mission of increased access to the world’s knowledge.

Spotlight session: Public Library Advocacy: Reaching Your Key Supporter Segments
Booth #2931 | 2:00–2:15 pm

The 2018 report from OCLC and ALA, From Awareness to Funding, highlights shifts in voter perceptions and support for public libraries and library funding over the past decade. The research describes the attitudes and behaviors of nine market segments. By focusing on the key segments in your community, your library can strengthen relationships with your strongest potential supporters.

Spotlight session: Exploring New Technologies to Better Serve Users
Booth #2931 | 3:00–3:15 pm

It seems that technology is changing faster than ever. In some cases, the implications for libraries are clear. In other cases, the use cases are less obvious.  Join us to see how OCLC is investigating and prototyping solutions that leverage new technologies like "Voice User Interfaces" and "Open Access Content" to better understand how they help libraries meet evolving user expectations.

ALA JURIED SESSION: New Directions in Non-Latin Script Access
Morial Convention Center, Room 285 | 4:00–5:00 pm

Until recently, provision of access to non-Latin script materials in library catalogs has been restricted by practices that favored converted Latin-script text over the original script and limited the number of scripts that could be used. Experimentation with new models of description and access in a linked data environment and OCLC's full implementation of Unicode in WorldCat could lead to dramatic improvements in the near future. Speakers from the Library of Congress, OCLC, and Yale University will explore where we're coming from and where we're headed in an exciting period of change for access to non-Latin resources. REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION THROUGH THE ALA CONFERENCE SCHEDULER. 

The Interoperability Imperative: A Discussion of the Fractured Technical Landscape and How We Are Coping (or Not) 
Morial Convention Center, Room 210 | 4:30–5:30 pm

The number of systems that need to interoperate at a research university is large. Between institutional repositories, discovery systems, the library catalog, and, increasingly, campus-wide systems like research information management systems, the interchange of data can be complicated and difficult. How are you trying to cope? What solutions can you envision? These questions will be explored in an open discussion.


Sunday, June 24

ALA JURIED SESSION: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan, and Marketing Tactics: Why You Need All 3!
Morial Convention Center, Room 288 | 9:00–10:00 am

What’s the difference between a marketing tactic, a marketing strategy, and a marketing plan? And why do you need all three? Practical lessons from three library marketing pros will help you reach that “a-ha” moment. REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION THROUGH THE ALA CONFERENCE SCHEDULER.

Transforming Library Spaces to Support Modern-day Users: Stories from Academic Libraries Undertaking Deselection and Shared Print Projects 
Morial Convention Center, Room 214 | 9:00–10:00 am

As academic libraries are increasingly under space pressure, they are considering deselection and shared print projects. As part of these projects, library leaders need context to inform the full range of collection management decisions. Join us to hear stories from libraries about deselection and shared print projects, and how OCLC can help.

Spotlight session: Newly Launched Community-led Smart Spaces
Booth #2931 | 10:00–10:15 am

Get a visual tour of small, rural libraries that invited community members to re-envision their spaces to encourage hands-on learning and strengthen social connections. Hear how libraries of any size or type can apply elements of placemaking and design thinking to create more dynamic, engaging spaces.

ALA JURIED SESSION: Professional Development 101: Get Involved, Get Ahead, and Make a Difference
Morial Convention Center, Room 386–387 | 1:00–2:00 pm

Come join three new library professionals who, as developing leaders in ALA and other professional organizations, will talk about getting involved, including their experience with professional development and its impact on their careers. After the presenters have finished, the remainder of the session will be devoted to “birds-of-a-feather” discussion tables led by the speakers. In small groups, attendees will be able to discuss topics such as getting involved in ALA/NMRT, making a career plan, and working on professional committees. At the end of the session attendees will come together to ask questions and share what they’ve learned. REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION THROUGH THE ALA CONFERENCE SCHEDULER.

Spotlight session: Use Data to Drive Change with OCLC Wise
Booth #2931 | 2:00–2:15 pm

Public libraries aim to be an accurate reflection of their communities. But what does that mean and how do you get there? Find out how OCLC Wise uses data to drive your efforts to evolve your collection, services, programs, and space to meet changing community needs.

Spotlight session: What's New with Tipasa
Booth #2931 | 2:45–3:00 pm

Learn how OCLC’s Tipasa ILL management system helps you share and obtain materials through different resources and systems, including RapidILL, and provide an exceptional experience for your users.

OCLC Resource Sharing Users Group 
Morial Convention Center, Room 206 | 4:30–6:00 pm

Join OCLC resource sharing colleagues for updates on WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, Tipasa, ILLiad, and Relais. We’ll also have time for discussions of timely ILL topics.


Monday, June 25

OCLC Research Update 
Morial Convention Center, Room 344 | 10:30–11:30 am

Join OCLC Research for an overview of several active research projects with a special focus on a Linked Data Prototype developed in partnership with 16 libraries. This unique project uses out-of-the-box services from WikiMedia, other open source applications, and a high quality set of name entities available from FAST, VIAF, and Wikidata to prototype services to 1) reconcile names for people, organizations, concepts, places; and 2) create, edit, and share entity descriptions while also allowing for the contribution of additional contextual relationships between entities. Hear more about the project, insights gained by the partnerships, and next steps for the pilot. Following the briefing, audience members are invited to offer comments and ask questions.

Spotlight session: What's Cooking with CONTENTdm
Booth #2931 | 10:30–10:45 am

Learn why more than 2,500 organizations are sharing nearly 47 million digital items with CONTENTdm. See our new “cookbook” with customizations that you can apply to your site without the need for coding skills. Hear how institutions are engaging with users in new ways by leveraging CONTENTdm’s new features, including a responsive user interface, improved accessibility, better image viewing on all devices, and improved search engine support.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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