OCLC @ ACRL 2023

Together, we are changing the world

Everything we do is achieved by working with and on behalf of libraries. This approach improves the global presence for all libraries and each library’s ability to deliver meaningful local service. We continue to invest in the long-term future for libraries with global research, technology solutions, and opportunities for collaboration. If you were unable to join us at ACRL, please enjoy recordings of our most popular booth sessions and presentations.

Choreo insights dashboard

Align collections with institutional goals

Providing better access, justifying budgets, and connecting collections to institutional outcomes require more than local data. Choreo Insights™—which uses WorldCat holdings data to align collections with institutional focus areas such as diversity, equity, and inclusion—can help illuminate powerful intelligence to guide decision-making.

Read about local decision support from collective intelligence

OCLC Research reports

Trends to impact

Our researchers collaborate with libraries from around the world to produce knowledge, evidence, and models that accelerate and expand library learning, innovation, and collaboration.

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