OCLC @ ACRL 2023

OCLC at ACRL 2023

Please enjoy this short highlight reel of OCLC activities at ACRL 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Casting a different kind of net: Diversifying monograph collections in academic libraries

Andy Breeding, Senior Product Manager
Mark McBride, Associate Director for Libraries, Scholarly Communications, and Museums, Ithaka S+R
Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Manager, OCLC Research Library Partnership

During a recent research discussion about diversification of monograph collections, a collection manager noted that in order to better support different communities, libraries must build different kinds of nets. Since, as they said, “The net determines what you get.” For academic libraries, this is not just a question of filling in a few gaps, but of changing practices in sustainable ways.

To discuss that process, OCLC hosted a panel discussion. Panelists shared findings from recent research and related discussions that explore:

  • What does it mean to diversify collections?
  • What practices can support those efforts? 
  • What barriers are being encountered?
  • What does a better future look like?

Library professionals are bringing their current skills to this important emerging area. Learn how you can improve your policies and processes by applying collection development values in new ways.


Increasing capacity at your library: Is collaboration always the answer?

Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Manager, OCLC Research Library Partnership
Peter Collins, Director, Resource Sharing
Cathy King, Executive Director, Delivery Services
Brian Lavoie, Senior Research Scientist

Are you thinking about collaboration as a way to do more with less? The key to identifying promising collaborations is to understand how the environment, goals, and inputs compare between prospective partners. Join Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Manager of the OCLC Research Library Partnership, and a panel of OCLC experts as they share insights from the recent research reports Sustaining Art Research Collections: Using Data to Explore Collaboration and Library Collaboration as a Strategic Choice: Evaluating Options for Acquiring Capacity. They’ll demonstrate how you can best judge when collaboration is a good fit for your needs.


Choreo Insights: Shaping the future of collection management and analytics

Andy Breeding, Senior Product Manager
Sean Duffy, Product Manager

Academic libraries continue to experience budget pressures, which are driving the need for cross-library collaboration and forward-thinking collection analysis tied to academic curriculum trends and emerging curriculum priorities. These are two important use cases OCLC intends to solve with its new collection management solution, Choreo Insights.

Be one of the first to see Choreo Insights in action. It’s the only product on the market that libraries can use to do deep subject analysis of their print and electronic collections, enabled by WorldCat.


Reach more people where they search

Cathy King, Executive Director, Delivery Services

To maximize your library’s exposure and impact, it’s essential to meet today’s users where they usually look for information. OCLC’s web visibility program makes it easier for people to connect with libraries from the places they consult most on their information journey.

Learn how your library can benefit from direct links to your catalog from Google Search results and visibility on WorldCat.org and its associated WorldCat Find mobile app.


More than a management platform: Harness the power of data in WMS

John McCullough, Director, Academic Library Management Services

Learn about how the data in WorldShare Management Services (WMS) supports your whole library: 

  • Improve collection development
  • Enhance efficiency of library staff workflows
  • Demonstrate library value
  • Supercharge Choreo Insights with circulation data


Social interoperability: Successfully engage stakeholders across campus

Rebecca Bryant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research Library Partnership

Today libraries must increasingly partner with other campus stakeholders, a process that can feel like herding cats. It doesn’t have to be this way. Join us to learn how your library can build stronger cross-campus relationships (“social interoperability”) to achieve its strategic goals.


Bring user perspectives to trusted digital repositories

Ixchel Faniel, Senior Research Scientist

Trust in digital repositories typically focuses on the systems and people needed to support the long-term preservation of digital content. But what about the user’s perspective? Hear results from a study examining factors that relate to social scientists’ trust in a digital repository for data and whether trust relates to their intention to continue using it. Learn what these findings might mean for how you manage digital repositories and interact with user communities.


The OCLC Research Library Partnership connects research to practice

Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Manager, OCLC Research Partnership

The OCLC Research Library Partnership is a vibrant, transnational, peer learning network connected to the intelligence of OCLC Research. Find out how we support institutions on topics including next-generation metadata management, distinctive collections, resource sharing, and support for the research enterprise.