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Once your users see what WorldCat can do for them—whether they find it through WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat.org or an API-powered partner site—they'll soon see the value and start telling their friends, which in turn sends more traffic to your site. You can kick-start that viral spread when you promote your collection's availability in WorldCat.

Customize these free WorldCat promotional materials and make them your own. Available for print and online use, they're simple, colorful and fun.

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WorldCat.org plug-ins and widgets: Free applications that allow users to access WorldCat.org search results and other site functionality from a Web browser toolbar or within their personalized webpages on popular social sites. Obtain HTML code for free, modular WorldCat widgets, such as list widget, a keyword search widget and a search widget (the search "box") that lets visitors to your site easily seek library resources.

WorldCat.org developer tools: Free and subscription-based code, including the WorldCat Search API and other WorldCat-related Web services that allow any business or organization to integrate WorldCat information into a Web-based application such as an e-commerce site or search engine.

WorldCat.org makes your library’s resources visible to information seekers on a freely available website and from search engines and websites where most people begin their research. This broad visibility promotes libraries as a vital information source and allows anyone to quickly and easily access resources in libraries near or far.

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