We're discontinuing the CatExpress user interface within Connexion® browser on 30 April 2024. Current CatExpress users are encouraged to make the switch to WorldShare® Record Manager today. Learn more

CatExpress subscriptions

If your library needs basic copy cataloging and MARC record delivery for 250–7,000 titles per year, consider using CatExpress. CatExpress subscriptions are available for purchase by the following individual libraries (including those that are part of a group):

  • K–12, special and federal libraries
  • Public libraries serving a population of 20,000 or fewer users
  • Academic and community college libraries with full-time equivalent enrollment of 2,500 or fewer

To create a group account, you will need to complete the CatExpress Group Order form. For individual orders or to join an existing group, you will need to complete the CatExpress Individual Order form.

Note: If your library needs to create original cataloging records or it does not meet the subscription criteria for CatExpress above, then we recommend using the contact form to reach a Library Services Consultants to discuss additional options.

CatExpress and OCLC Cataloging and Metadata subscription comparison

CatExpress subscription OCLC Cataloging and Metadata subscription
Available to K-12, special and federal libraries, and small public and academic/community college libraries Available to all library types
Annual subscription based on number of records, ranging from 250 to 7,000 Annual subscription with no limit on number of records
Excess usage is billed at the end of the subscription period N/A
New records output via Collection Manager count against the CatExpress record budget and could result in excess usage (see Use Collection Manager with a CatExpress subscription or without a subscription for more information) Collection Manager is included in an OCLC Cataloging and Metadata subscription
Copy cataloging only; does not support original cataloging or record enrichment Supports copy and original cataloging, and record enrichment
Local record editing limited to price, holding library code, call number, some notes, and holding information (see What fields can I edit in CatExpress? for more information) No limits on local record editing
Cannot edit bibliographic records using non-Latin scripts Supports editing bibliographic records using non-Latin scripts
Supported in Record Manager and Connexion browser Supported in Record Manager, Connexion client and Connexion browser
Cannot use Z39.50 Z39.50 cataloging supported
Must set holdings to export records Can export records without setting holdings
May do a one-time reclamation project for an additional charge; ongoing data sync is not available All data sync collections are available (Note: there is an additional charge for reclamation projects)

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