As of 30 April 2024 the CatExpress user interface within Connexion® browser has been discontinued. WorldShare® Record Manager is already included in your CatExpress subscription, so you can access the application today. Learn more

With CatExpress, you can:

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Tap into WorldCat and the power of shared library data

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Simplify your workflow

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Save time and get great results

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Help users find your resources

Tap into WorldCat® and the power of shared library data

Access to WorldCat connects your copy cataloging efforts to the records of more than 559 million global information resources in all formats—monographs, serials, electronic books and journals, Web-based articles, audio and video recordings and more—from the full range of recorded history.

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Simplify your workflow

  • Log in and copy catalog using records already in WorldCat.
  • Manage electronic collections and automatically receive upgraded MARC records at no additional charge with access to WorldShare Collection Manager.
  • Automatically receive OCLC-MARC records that match materials ordered through a participating vendor and have your holdings set automatically in WorldCat at no additional charge with WorldShare Collection Manager cataloging partner collections.
  • Easily print spine and pocket labels for your library materials with the Cataloging Label Program. Four label formats are available. The free Microsoft Windows® software lets you add print constants and volume numbers, print multiple copies and save labels to file for batch printing. Pin feed and laser stock are supported as well.
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Save time and get great results

  • Basic and advanced searching allow you to search for a WorldCat record by standard number, keywords or title in the basic search or by many other indexes (e.g., publisher name or location call numbers) with Boolean operators in the advanced search. You can also limit results in the advanced search by date, format, language and Internet-only resources and sort results by title, author or date.
  • You'll know at a glance whether your library already has a record for a matching item. Ownership status is indicated both in brief lists and on the full record display. If you no longer have the item in your collection, simply click Delete Holdings; the status change is immediate.
  • Local data input allows you to enter information for your local catalog, including call number, cutter, bar code number and public notes. You may also set multiple 852 location fields for additional copies.
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Help users find your resources with WorldCat data sync collections

Synchronize your entire catalog with WorldCat to improve resource sharing and discoverability of your materials worldwide. Available for an additional fee, you can use a WorldCat data sync collection to complete a one-time project to register your collection in WorldCat.

Learn more about WorldCat data sync collections

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CatExpress is a simple-to-use copy cataloging solution that enables you to get materials in your catalog faster with WorldCat MARC records at a cost-effective price.

Service availability

  • Available everywhere except Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand

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