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  • Improving discovery and use of your institutional repositorysample

Improving discovery and use of your institutional repositorysample

Learn how the University of Hawaii at Manoa is organizing their digital library and increasing its visibility by incorporating the newest features of OCLC's WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway into their workflow. Hear how this free tool can help you increase readership of your digital materials by exposing them through WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local.

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  • Taylor Surface, OCLC, will provide an overview of the Gateway and its new features and how they can help to highlight your digital content metadata in WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local.
  • Beth Tillinghast, University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Institutional Repository manager, will discuss current issues and approaches in enhancing workflow and visibility for various collections in the UHM ScholarSpace (DSpace) repositories.
  • Martha Chantiny, Head of Desktop Network Services in the UHM Library, will share the current status of UHM Library image collections, which are posted to the web using the OAI harvestable Streetprint Digital Library.
  • Daniel Ishimitsu, Information Technology Specialist for UHM Library, will discuss the project that he worked on to allow the mapping of thumbnails for display in OAIster, now part of WorldCat.org.


View the recorded webinar.  [80 minutes]

Start Date

03 May 2012

End Date

03 May 2012