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MAY 29

The New World Metadata

Librarians were one of the few professional groups concerned, on a daily basis, with metadata, taxonomies, and knowledge organization.…

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Librarians were one of the few professional groups concerned, on a daily basis, with metadata, taxonomies, and knowledge organization. But in our new environment of global information services, growing digital content and always-on connectivity, every industry has become deeply concerned with these issues.

Ted Fons

Director, WorldCat Global Metadata Network, OCLC

Ted is responsible for and directs the performance of WorldCat global metadata management. He ensures the effective coordination of hundreds of projects related to the WorldCat database, and will extend and expand the utility of WorldCat metadata for electronic resource management. WorldCat, the largest database of catalog records representing items held in libraries worldwide, continues to grow at an extraordinary rate due in part to improvements in batchloading capabilities and loading large national bibliographies. Ted also contributed to OCLC's new report, Online Catalogs: What Users and Librarians Want.

Joel Summerlin

Deputy Director, Information Standards, Associated Press

Joel has been wrestling with metadata for more than a decade—long enough to know that the metadata will usually win, but that the battle is still worth the effort. His primary focus has been on cataloging and classification, development and maintenance of controlled vocabularies, and the ways that metadata can enhance (or impair) search and retrieval.

After brief stints as a cataloger and a reference librarian, he moved into the corporate world as a thesaurus developer at Corbis, where he managed the vocabularies used to describe one of the world's largest image collections. At Associated Press, he manages a squadron of taxonomists and linguistic experts who steadfastly labor to channel the onslaught of news content into increasingly manageable, useful, and valuable categories. He has an MFA and an MLIS degree, both from the University of Washington.

Eugene Roman

CIO at OpenText Corporation

Eugene is a senior IT executive with strong relationships and in-depth knowledge across the communication and IT ecosystem. Eugene is a seasoned, hi-tech executive with 28 years of global experience in the IT, infocom, network design and R & D sectors. Eugene was Group President, Bell Systems & Technology. In this role, Eugene led the effort to enable breakthroughs in productivity and performance, and deliver current and next generation services more efficiently by harnessingthe power of Bell's network.

Eugene started his career with Nortel in 1981 upon graduation from the Faculty of Management Studies at the University of Toronto. He has worked in various groups within BCE including Finance, Information Systems, R & D, and Corporate Office with significant international assignments in Asia, Europe and South America Eugene holds a Bachelor's Degree in economics, a Master's Degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Management Accountant. Mr. Roman works out of Waterloo, Ontario

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29 May 2009

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29 May 2009