OCLC Presentation Center

Like you, OCLC staff are drawn to gatherings where ideas about information services and the world of libraries are freely shared. Across our Web site, you'll find archives of presentations given by OCLC staff, researchers and guests at various events. These slides or supporting materials provide a snapshot of those presentations and are provided for reference purposes.

Global Council and Americas Regional Council presentations

Presentations and discussions from Global Council and Americas Regional Council meetings. 

Conference presentations

Presentations on a wide variety of topics, OCLC Symposium and other webcasts

Webinar presentations

Recorded webinar presentations on a variety of subjects—from product demonstrations to implementation discussions.

Dewey presentations

PowerPoint presentations about or regarding the Dewey Decimal Classification system

Distinguished Seminar Series

Audio files and supporting materials for presentations given by guest speakers (OCLC Worldwide Web site)

Research staff presentations

PowerPoint presentations from OCLC Research staff (OCLC Worldwide Web site)