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We keep library systems up and running.

To meet users' demands while managing costs, libraries need reliable access to cutting-edge technology. As a leader in data technology and management services, we’re uniquely positioned to partner with member libraries in this complex environment.

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12,000+servers globally

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262 milliondatapoints

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10.2petabytes of data

We invest heavily in our technical infrastructure to ensure that we can meet the demands of today’s libraries and that we are prepared for our collective future. We operate data and engineering centers in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States to keep services running and reliable and data stable. Our shared, cloud-based infrastructure provides fast, distributed processing of multiple applications and large data sets across clusters of servers.

“Thousands of libraries around the world rely on us to power many of their operations. We take that responsibility extremely seriously. From monitoring, to testing, to continuous improvement, we’re focused on keeping libraries connected to the communities they serve.”

Don Goodpaster
OCLC Director of Operations Technology

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System status

Real-time service availability updates are viewable any time on our system status dashboard (sample screen below). Library staff can also subscribe to be notified about individual services via email. If you’re experiencing an operational issue with one of our services, please contact OCLC Support.

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Contact our operations and technology team

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is of paramount importance as we protect the security and privacy of libraries and their users. We have dedicated security and privacy staff with backgrounds in libraries and higher education, as well as highly security-conscious industries such as financial services, government, and defense who would love to connect.