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We keep library and user data safe.

We know that privacy is a priority for libraries and the communities they serve. We provide services that leverage appropriate data to solve complex library problems while respecting this core professional value and legal requirements.

Our commitment to privacy

We regularly assess laws that may apply to our organization or our member libraries to evaluate potential gaps between those laws and our daily and strategic practices. We protect library and library user data through policy creation and enforcement and through our ongoing efforts to reassess and improve our practices. We also monitor and react to developments in law, such as guidance issued by ICO, CNIL, and other regulators to understand how the privacy landscape may be changing.

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Cookies and your right to privacy

Our cookie policy supplements our Privacy Statement. Cookies on our websites play an important role in helping our teams enhance usability and performance. They make our websites function effectively, collect information about the use of our websites, and help improve website users’ experiences.

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Global commitment to privacy

Information privacy regulations continue to grow worldwide. OCLC maintains a comprehensive organizational privacy program to comply with applicable laws. Privacy law compliance is never as simple as checking a few boxes. We take a programmatic approach that’s driven by strategy and compliance activities for the world’s emerging privacy laws.


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Contact our privacy team

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is of paramount importance as we protect the security and privacy of libraries and their users. If you have a question for our Privacy or Global Security teams, please reach out. We have dedicated security and privacy staff with backgrounds in libraries and higher education, as well as highly security-conscious industries such as financial services, government, and defense who would love to connect.