Lead your communities into the future

Your library is a critical catalyst for the communities you serve, whether students, faculty and researchers, or individuals with wide-ranging needs. But you also interact with related communities within your geography or institution—other departments, funding bodies, and partners. And then there’s your professional community—from local colleagues, to broader networks and organizations, extending to libraries around the world.

How can you provide leadership that creates opportunities for real change? What programs and services will transform the lives of the people and groups you support? What role should the library of tomorrow play, and what should we be doing today to prepare for those contributions?

Learn from library colleagues, OCLC leadership, and experts from outside the library community to:

Exceed user expectations
Meet evolving needs

Create measurable impact
Become indispensable

Lead with technology
Innovate with confidence

Build powerful networks
Achieve more together

Hear why fellow library leaders think that you should attend the Library Futures Conference

Calling all library leaders

This conference was created especially for current and emerging library leaders across all library types—academic and research, public, special, and others. We welcome all staff members from OCLC member libraries who would like to join this strategic discussion around library futures.

Please direct questions about event participation to communications-apac@oclc.org.

Member-driven programming

The programming and agenda are led by a Program Committee of respected leaders from the Asia Pacific Regional Council, which spans all library types:

Photo: Kuang-hua Chen


Kuang-hua Chen

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Photo: Constance Wiebrands

Vice Chair

Constance Wiebrands

Edith Cowan University, Australia

Photo: Shuging Chu

Shuging Chu

Zhejiang Public Library, China

Photo: Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Waseda University, Japan

Photo: Bushra Almas Jaswal

Bushra Almas Jaswal

Forman Christian College, Pakistan

Photo: Jenny McDonald

Jenny McDonald

National Library of New Zealand,
New Zealand

Photo: Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Photo: Akekarin Yolrabil

Akekarin Yolrabil

Thammasat University, Thailand


About OCLC membership

All libraries—both OCLC members and non-member institutions—within the Asia Pacific region can take part in the OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC). Representatives from OCLC member libraries are encouraged to attend member meetings and community activities, to share insights through various member forums and channels, and to participate in elections and governance. Learn more about APRC and OCLC governance.