Now Playing: VIAF API Workshop

We have posted a YouTube video of last week’s VIAF API Workshop.

You’ll find everything you need to know about working with the VIAF API, including some useful tips and tricks. You'll also learn what it’s like to work with the API on a real project from Bobbi Fox and Joe Atzberger, who also shared a little bit about their Developer House experience. See their live example at:

Finally, we covered some good questions in the Q&A, including a recent article where you can learn more about VIAF:  "Managing Ambiguity In VIAF", Hickey & Toves, available here (D-Lib Magazine July/August 2014):

All of the slides from the presentation are also now available from the event page here on Developer Network.

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated!

We look forward to your feedback and questions as you start to explore the VIAF API. The wc-devnet-l list (subscribe here) is a great place to start sharing your ideas and collaborating with the community. We're happy to respond to your questions there as well.