Enhancements Planned for November 9

This weekend will bring a new release on November 9 that will include changes to two of our WMS APIs.

WMS Vendor Information Center API

This relase introduces a new mime type: application/atom+json.  This change is required -  the previous response that used application/json was the Atom-wrapped version and will no longer work. This mimetype was added so that our APIs can produce JSON responses both with and without the AtomPub wrapper. This is similar to the way we offer both application/xml and application/atom+xml mime types in XML serializations.

We have also updated the schema for this API and there are two particular changes users should note:

  • for element loginType (in links and logins), enumeration value changed from “others” to “other”
  • for element baseDeliveryMethod, we removed the value “edi” and added the value “do_not_send”

This API now also support authentication by Access Token in addition to HMAC authentication.

WMS Acquisitions API

We'll no longer support the use of ETags for write updates to this API. This will not require any changes to your current code - included ETags will not cause any errors, they will simply be disregarded.   

Please drop us a note if you have any questions.